Scattering the cremated ashes of your loved one in the holyland The most sacred place on Earth to rest for all eternity You can only scatter the ashes of your loved one but once. We scatter their ashes in our peaceful, private memorial garden in the hills near Mt. Beatitudes overlooking the Sea of Galilee. What an incredible blessing for your departed loved one to be able to have their final resting place in the Holyland, where the spiritual roots of man were set in the beginning.

Scattering is a beautiful tradition that reflects our human desire to return our earthly remains back to nature. It lovingly completes our journey in the circle of life.

Our memorial garden is the perfect location for those whose faith will guide them to the land of our creator. To return to the holy land is to be truly blessed. This sacred place of rest in all its splendor is the one and the same grounds where Jesus lived and taught. Our private memorial park will provide the ultimate in eternal resting sites. Survivors will find tremendous solace and comfort knowing their loved one is laid to rest on what is the most sacred and holy land in our world. Our land is private and not in a public travel way. Family and friends of those scattered here are permitted to attend the scattering ceremony and/or visit in the future.

The memorial garden sits in the foothills beside Mount Beatitudes overlooking the Sea of Galilee. This is an extraordinary region where the spiritual roots of man were set in the beginning. To be laid to rest along the Jesus trail is to rest in grace and spiritual expansion forever.

Holyland Ash Scattering provides a pure and spiritual final resting place for your departed loved one.

Packages include a complimentary video
and certificate of the service.

All of our scattering services include a free video of the ceremony. The video is available to you for online viewing, download, or sharing with friends and family. This is an important keepsake for the family, which you will cherish forever.

We also send you an official Certificate of Scattering, with the time/date and geographical coordinates of the scattering.